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Lose weight deliciously!

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Lose weight deliciously!

The best way to reach the ideal weight is to have a safe diet. In this section, our experts will provide you with your special diet online based on the most detailed information you give us about your condition.

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Calculate Your Body Mass Index

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Yes, you will be given the necessary instructions during the diet

no There are no food restrictions in Ghafari Diet. There is everything in the food plan, but in moderation

In case of pregnancy, your diet status changes to pregnancy diet and during pregnancy diet, all the substances needed by mother and fetus are taken into consideration

People under 12 years old, over 70 years old, people with type 1 diabetes, people who have severe anemia, women who are breastfeeding in the first 6 months, people on dialysis, people who have protein excretion complications or are undergoing chemotherapy. They should not diet.

In this three-month period, you can expect 12 kilos of weight loss. In the first two weeks, the largest amount of weight loss occurs, which is the reason for the loss of body water weight, which becomes slower over time.